Social Security Benefits to Inch Up 1.7 Percent in 2015

The nation’s elderly and disabled Social Security recipients will receive a 1.7 percent increase in payments in 2015. This is expected to raise the average monthly payment for the typical retired worker by $22. The increase is slightly higher than last year’s 1.5 percent cost-of-living adjustment (COLA). The same COLA will apply to pensions for […]

Considering a Nursing Home, Assisted Living or Life Care Community for a Loved One?

A very sad situation is facing a lot of families today with their elderly family members. A daughter has been taking care of Mom for years. A very sad situation is facing a lot of families today with their elderly family members. A daughter has been taking care of Mom for years. Mom’s health is […]

Filial Responsibility Cost Son

Pennsylvania son liable under Filial Responsibility Laws

Medical Assistance – Why You Need to Know How it Works

Notwithstanding the fact that most elderly patients in Pennsylvania nursing homes are financed by Medical Assistance, most people do not know anything about the program.   Since most seniors are not aware of the program or how it operates, they do not plan for it or avoid some pitfalls that would interfere with their qualification for it. […]


We have seen a significant increase in the use of annuities among our elderly clients.   We have people in their late 80s coming to us with annuities that are less than a few years old and are still in “penalty” — meaning that getting access to these funds will result in a “surrender” charge which […]

The Foundations of Love

As a lawyer who works with the elderly, I see my share of nursing homes and hospital rooms.  Over the years, perhaps to enable me to continue to provide objective services to my clients, I tried to keep my emotional distance from all of the illness, death and dying.  In the last two weeks alone, […]

Living Will – Part I

[A wife in a coma at a local nursing home is visited by her husband each day from 7 am to 4 pm.  This is his story] She laughs and asks him how he feels, her hair shining and eyes bright. He loves her eyes – they were the first thing he noticed about her.  She actually […]

VA Benefits and Accreditation

Accreditation Federal law dictates that no one may help a veteran in the preparation, presentation and prosecution of an initial claim for VA benefits unless that person is accredited. The only exception to this law is that any one person can help any veteran — one-time only — with a claim. To help any veteran a second […]


Before I became a lawyer, I worked as a social worker in a drug treatment community.  I know, sounds like fun Len! It was, but law school sounded like real fun. The only missing ingredient was talking about Afeelings.@  That is what we did in social work, we talked about feelings.  Unfortunately, the salary for feelings was less than […]

The Price

Every now and then I am reminded about what is essential in our elder law practice.  I so often get lost in the technicalities of legal work that I sometimes forget what may be my most important role.  That role I believe is to share my experiences with our clients about what other families have […]