Veteran’s Benefits

At Shober & Rock we have extensive experience with VA benefits. Renee C. Rock is an accredited attorney who is able to represent Veterans before the Veterans Administration. It is vitally important to have a thorough investigation of VA benefits and coordinate them with any other planning that might be needed, especially for Medical Assistance. You should work with someone who can plan for all contingencies rather than attempting to sell you an insurance product or annuity that could cost you more money in the long run.

Veteran’s Benefits FAQ’s

Can a veteran get elder law help at home?  A Veteran can get help from the VA whenever his medical bills exceed his regular income.  He may be homebound or require aid and attendance or simply have large medical bills.  If the vet served in the militiary during wartime and is otherwise elgible (there are some asset requirements)  he can receive an enhanced depending upon which level of care he is subject to.

Are there asset limitations for veteran’s benefits?  Yes, there are tests for assets and these must be addressed before applying for benefits.

How do I apply for benefits?  An application for benefits is made either in person or via mail and in some cases online.  See here VA pensions.

An advisor said I should buy an annuity to qualify for VA benefits.  Is that a good idea?  Never in our opinion with considering how that will affect your Medicaid eligibility.  Some of these “advisors” are simply out to sell annuities rather than really help with obtaining pensions.

Can I keep my pension if I go on Medicaid?  In some cases you can but in most cases it drops to $90 per month, which you can keep.

Should I consider a VA nursing home?   We don’t think this is a viable option unless your admission is directly related to an injury suffered in the service.

Does the VA track gifts?  Not at the present time.

Do VA benefits pay for a nursing home?   In some cases, while on private pay, the VA income does help greatly with nursing home and assisted living costs.

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