There is one thing I always tell clients about their estate planning – it is nice to have a Will, but it is essential to have a Power of Attorney. While I do not advocate against having a Will, in many cases, not having one does not change much for our clients. Most married clients […]

8 Tips for Having ‘The Talk’ with Elderly Parents

Talking about estate planning is a difficult, emotional topic but it’s essential for every family. Unless you are certain your parents have an up-to-date will and a wider plan for what should happen if they get sick, or of their passing, you shouldn’t assume everything will be taken care of. According to a recent survey, […]


If Pennsylvania had a death-with-dignity law when Joseph Yourshaw reached the end of his life, he would have had the option to utilize it, and his wishes in his Advance Directive would have been honored. In February 2013, Barbara Mancini was arrested in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, and charged with aiding the attempted suicide of her dying […]


Elder Law for Baby Boomers It used to be that Elder Law was confined to individuals in their eighties and nineties. We found in the last few years that the children of our older clients were so unnerved by what happened to their parents that they wanted to do some planning themselves. Additionally, we were […]

Medicare Open Enrollment Starts October 15: Is It Time to Change Plans?

Medicare’s Open Enrollment Period, during which you can freely enroll in or switch plans, runs from October 15 to December 7. Now is the time to start shopping around to see whether your current choices are still the best ones for you.  

Nursing Home Residents Face Even Greater Barriers to Voting Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has forced nursing homes to place a number of restrictions on their residents. These constraints are having the unintended consequence of making it more difficult for nursing home residents to vote. 

Medicare Beneficiaries May Be Eligible for an Extra 100 days of Skilled Nursing Coverage Due to Pandemic

Medicare beneficiaries who qualified for skilled nursing facility (SNF) coverage may be eligible for an additional 100 days of coverage. Whether beneficiaries can actually get the extended coverage is another question.

The Ins and Outs of Guardianship and Conservatorship

Every adult is assumed to be capable of making his or her own decisions unless a court determines otherwise. If an adult becomes incapable of making responsible decisions, then the court will appoint a substitute decision maker.

Can You Transfer Your Medicare and Medicaid Plans When You Move to Another State?

If you plan to move states, can you take your Medicare or Medicaid plans with you? The answer depends on whether you have original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, or Medicaid. 

How Will the Coronavirus Pandemic Affect Social Security?

The coronavirus pandemic is having a profound effect on the current U.S. economy, and it may have a detrimental effect on Social Security’s long-term financial situation.