Long Term Care Planning and the Recession of 2008 – What to do now?

A global economic crisis is upon us. Everyone has been affected by recent events. These events have been worrisome for most of us, but absolutely terrifying for our fixed income, retired or disabled parents and loved ones. Our elderly have been pushed even closer into financial panic or financial paralysis. A previously difficult task (planning for long term care and disability), has become almost impossible under this stress.

mm About Leonard L. Shober

Leonard L. Shober has focused a quarter century on representing clients in their estates and tax matters. He began his legal career in an estate planning practice. However, his interest in taxes and estate planning led him to pursue a Master of Laws (LLM) from Temple which he completed in 1994. Len continued his estate and tax practice which ultimately led to a focus on the needs of the elderly and disabled. At Shober & Rock, Len focuses on elder law, tax and estate planning and estate and trust administration.

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